. Surah 101 Al-Qari'ah
. In The Name of Allah, the Compassion, the Compassionate
The Banger

(1) Beware of the banger 

(2) and what is the banger, one may well ask, 

(3) And how can you know what the banger is or how to identify it?

(4) It is when people will be insubstantial like floating moths, 

(5) Their big men will be weightless like fluffy wool 

(6) Only the one whose values are substantial 

(7) Will be in a state of well being 

(8) But whosoever loses the weight of his values shall tumble into the abyss 

(9) which will be if you do not know 

(10) like Hell.


This early Meccan surah speaks of a big bang, as it were. Commentators of the postponing trend prefer to take that as the Last Day. However, one is prompted to ask whether such a day would be personal, collective or otherwise.

Reading this surah in depth as a parable rather than an allusion, one tends to think that such a bang has nothing to do with a “final hour” as a well defined event that will take place at a certain point in time after which there will be nothing left of the world or the Cosmos.

The bang or the knocker, according to this surah is a state of mind which is rather social, when people would be weightless like swarming moths. Even their “big boys”, the mountains, would be like fluffy wool.

The talk is about values. Only those people with substantial values will feel satisfied in their lives. But those people whose values are weightless, as it were, will have had it, like Hell!

.. .Ibrahim AbuNab (1931-1991)