. Frequently Asked Questions
. In The Name of Allah, the Compassion, the Compassionate

Is God better than Allah ?
God and Allah are the same. They are one.

Abraham, Moses, Jesus or Mohammad ?
It was thought in the past that one or the other was enough. Humanity paid a high price. Modern complex sicknesses need the combined help of all. Islam seeks all equally. Starting with Adam and ending with Mohammad. No discrimination whatsoever. Each served God and his people in a specific era. All propagated the same core message.

Is Islam an evil religion ?

People do evil acts. Islam resolves a lot of complex human problems. People who truly live by its moral guidance are healthy, happy and secure.

Are Muslims savage killers ?
No. Same applies to Christians and Jews.

Why do Muslims commit ugly crimes ?
Most people who live in the Middle East are Muslims. Just like most people in the U.S and Europe are Christians. The Middle East is a very vast troubled region. People have hard time making ends meet. Some countries are rich with Oil and natural resources. Wealth was not used to educate and empower everybody. It was not distributed fairly. Poverty, ignorance dishonesty, corruption and prolonged severe injustice still prevails. Established and opposition groups resorted to death as a solution to life's problems. Killing went back and forth untill it spilled all over. If they truly understood and practiced Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they will be happy and prosperous.

Are Jews and Christians better than Muslims ?
No. All believe in the same God. Different user interface to the same source code :>). All propagators of the Abrahamic Faith. Unhealthy competition on legitimacy caused a lot of wars through the ages.

Do Muslims need help ?
All people need help. It is good to need and to be needed. Economies are built on need (supply and demand). Individuals and groups improve and flourish by connecting and caring about each other's needs. Businessess are built on satisfying people's needs. Opposite is true. The poor needs the wealthy. The wealthy needs the poor. Just like a baby needs its mother and mother needs her baby. Same applies to the sick, the insecure, the ignorant and the troubled ....
Contrast makes life interesting. We are always tested how best we can use our limited God given time to improve ourselves and others. Troubles and challenges need solutions. Solutions are business opportunities.

.. .Nasser Ibrahim AbuNab